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Re: Alex, a deal for you

il_alexk wrote:

awaldram wrote:

And my feeling for the figures (current 6 year rating)...

Your feeling told you that the low light AF issue was resolved by K-5's 1.03 FW, while LumoLabs study suggests the opposite.

Yet it was fixed and the reported issue dissapeared !!!
I don't understand your point time has shown I was correct and Falk wrong.
The K5 is deadly accurate under low spectrum light post 1.03.
Pre 1.03

Post 1.03

Sorry, I can't trust your feelings after that.

Given that I was able to reliably produce the AF drift and even measure the amount under various light colours pre 1.03 check my history for some serious discussions about how to diagnose from The hw sensor issue that some were experiencing.

Post 1.03 I was able to reliably demonstrae that the AF drift was removed/reduced to an insignificant amount the yes 1.03 fixed Red AF drift in the K5 af module.

Falks camera never had the 'af drift' as its main issue it was one fo the faulty early variant that had a broken Colour sensor.

No FW was ever going to repair the Hardware failure in his camera it needed service.

What you read and understand is up to you but don't expect others to be quite so naive.

Pentax is a comercial enterprse they will maxmise profits at every oportunity if faulty products affect that bottom line they will address it.

No amount of bleating and name calling will affect that fact, To behave differently would be comercial suicide.

In this they are no different than any other manafacturer.

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