Capture Date rule: is it time to retire it?

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Re: Capture Date rule: is it time to retire it?

RossAndrew wrote:


My point exactly on the second one, if you had your great idea for a picture not in your mind but on your computer you would have been in there with a chance, but by not having it ready you mist out.

I was ready, the photo was taken after the announcement and uploaded to DPR before the challenge opened for submissions. My problem was I was not able to enter it when the challenge opened because I was working and when I got a break a few hours later it was already filled by people that had 5 year old photos in their archives. If it had required a capture date I would have got in.

I rarely enter old photos and even if the challenge doesn't have a CDR I tend to try and take one specifically for it anyway. That is just me, I try to use the challenges as a tool to grow my skills and I think it works. I don't care about my file searching skills and though I like to win it is not my main goal of entering.

I don't want to stop hosting, and I don't mind helping people but if the rules are changed to where I can't host challenges I enjoy then why bother. I like helping people get there creative juices flowing. Even if they don't enter a challenge because they couldn't come up with something worthy, I have them thinking about how to get that shot and I think that's a good thing. It is for me any way.

I also like that DPR allows me to host 2 series so I can do both types.
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