Buy or wait for Win 8

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Re: Buy or wait for Win 8

scorrpio wrote:

Very true. The shift from XP to 7 was really first of all a shift from 32 to 64 bit. It did not happen with Vista not only because Vista had issues - it also had a lot to do with the fact that 4+GB or RAM was not mainstream yet, 64bit apps were far between and 64 bit drivers for various hardware were also sparse and often buggy. Windows 7 release, besides being done right, also coincided with 64-bit becoming truly relevant and well supported.

Very well stated I think.

The main reason I won't be getting Windows 8 is not because of how good or bad it is. It is because I can't really think of anything a new OS can offer me over Win 7 to justify the expense.

I probably will get a copy of Win 8 in a year or two when I purchase a replacement for my existing system. Chances are it will be a pain to get a system without it. If Windows 8 is good, it will likely remain on the system. If not, I'll likely discard Win 8 and transfer my existing Win 7 license to the new machine.

I think MS have a real problem in coming up with significant new features and benefits to justify a $100 plus upgrade fee. A new logo and more messy tweaks to Explorer and Control Panel just don't cut it for me

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