Dpreview Raw samples shows 5DIII sharper than D800

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Re: Dpreview Raw samples shows 5DIII sharper than D800

So you acknowledge (as much as you ever would I gues) that you don't NEED the 5D2/3 resolution (as you acknowledge using mRaw), but you WANT one.

Can't seem to give other people the same latitude can you?

Randplaty wrote:

Skiwi33 wrote:

Which raises the obvious question - that if your primary topic is people and you don't like dealing with skin issues, eyelashes, zits, stray hair, all the time.

Then why did you get a 5D3?

You clearly don't need it.

Huh? I said you don't need that type of resolution when dealing with skin, zits, stray hair etc.

I shoot with mRAW, so I don't use that type of resolution. D800 36 megapixel resolution is unnecessary when dealing with portraits of normal people.

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