Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D Mark III: Which Shoots Better Video?

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Re: Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D Mark III: Which Shoots Better Video?

A few of the differences I have noted.

The Canon is full frame. The Nikon has a small crop factor. (1.1x) However the Nikon has some additional crop options that the Canon does not have. Advantage Canon if you want wide. Advantage Nikon if you want additional crop options.

The Nikon supports UHS-1 SD cards. The canon accepts UHS-1 cards but does not support them. This may be an issue with the higher bit rate recording option. This is one of my questions. Advantage Nikon.

The Canon has two codec options. The Nikon has one codec option and an HDMI out option. Advantage Canon for in camera recording. Advantage Nikon for external recording.

The Canon has vignetting and CA correction options applied to video. The Nikon does not. This is a big one for me as I am not a fan of vignetting in most situations. Advantage Canon.

The Nikon has higher dynamic range at low iso. Advantage Nikon.

The Nikon records 20 minutes in camera. The Canon records 30 minutes. Advantage Canon.

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