Nikon D800 LCD yellow green cast

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phototrope Contributing Member • Posts: 670
Re: CFL / Energy Saving Bulbs = PROBLEM SOLVED

Using a grey color card in when shooting under CFL lighting clears up the problem entirely!!

So the problem boils down to this: the auto WB finds CFL problematic. This is surely a FW update issue and definitely not a hardware issue.

This clears up the only minor issue I had with the D800. Very happy.

Hawaii-geek wrote:
CFL / Energy Saving Bulbs = PROBLEM SOLVED

Not to say that Nikon needs to address this in FW.

  • Now for that LV Manual Focus .... sharpness


phototrope wrote:

Yes, same here. Energy saving lights causes it (and I have those things all over the house). Under old fashioned lights or any other lighting the LCD works just fine

Nice to get confirmation from others.

wombat779 wrote:

Dominique Dierick wrote:

It does show a greenish cast, but only under energy saving bulb lights. Not with regular tungsten. At least I could reproduce this @ my home.

Yep, that is the same for me. So far, the only place I see it is under those horrible CFL bulbs.

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