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If you've ever wondered how much abuse...

If you've ever wondered just how much abuse today's modern plastic camera bodies can withstand, I suggest you watch this video where they put a plastic Nikon D90 and Canon 550D through a series of torture tests to demonstrate what these camera bodies can handle. This includes...

...pouring a full cup of hot tea on each camera...twice!

...tying them to the bottom of shoes and walking around with them:

...hammering nails with them:

...kicking a soccer ball at them while they are mounted on a tripod so they come crashing onto the concrete below:

...taking a blow torch to them:

...dropping a PC on them:

And after all this abuse, the cameras survived, and the testers take these cameras out for a photo shoot...on a rainy day, no less!

And keep in mind that these are cheaper, lower level bodies using a cheaper grade of plastic and lower level of build quality!

See video here:

So suffice it to say, people greatly underestimate what these cameras can handle.

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