Sony NEX-5n vs Nikon D5100

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Re: But the JPEG's at High ISO

MrsT wrote:

OK, thanks for the comments.

But why is it when I compare the D5100 to the Nex-5n and Oly EP-M5 at high ISO (3200) they lood better than the DSLR.

I always look at the stamp on the image which is an etching. The lines get lost on many cameras I'm considering when looking at high ISO.

I relate better to comparing cameras this way.

I wonder how user friendly the nex-5n is compared to the D5100 for a newbie that is used to a P&S?

I can't speak for the Olympus but I had nex 5n, and I can confirm its excellent high ISO. It's noticeably better than even my D7000. I had D90 as my first DSLR. Sold it and switched to 5n for its compact size...tiltable Although high ISO was great I realized how important the viewfinder and fast AF(the new firmware improved the AF, though I'm sure that it still doesn't come close to my D7000) is. The auto WB is also pretty bad...faces looked more yellow than I would've liked. Lack of lenses didn't help either(the zeiss is great though. It produced a unique look unlike anything else, and very sharp even wide open). What I don't understand is all the fuss about the menu system. It's very intuitive. The lack of a few buttons wasn't a problem. The camera was very customizable. At the end I couldn't have the 5n as my only system, so I sold it and got the D7000. I'm more into portraits and I don't think that nex will have anything like my 105 DC anytime soon or if ever. However, if I was to choose between the 5100 and 5n as my second/backup camera I would go with 5n.

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