How Many Oly Shooters Here Have Gone Strictly JPEG?

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Re: How Many Oly Shooters Here Have Gone Strictly JPEG?

I've started with Olympus since 2002 with my E-20 and owned the E-300, E330, E510, E520, E-600, and now the EPL-2. I've tried RAW on all of them and find my JPG good enough. I do shoot RAW at times (just show some last Sunday) to protect/insure the pics, but find that I did not need them as my JPG came out nice already. I'm probably 95% JPG, and 5% JPG+RAW.

REShultz wrote:

After shooting with my EPL1 for a week it seems that the JPEG out of the camera is ideal. I like the contrast and skin tones. The colors seem right. Outside of blown exposures (my fault) it seems that RAW is much less necessary with Olympus.

Note... not trying to start a JPEG vs. RAW war. Just wondering if shooting JPEGs has been viable for you or not.

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