Shooting a concert tonight, tips???

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Re: Shooting a concert tonight, tips???

You didn't mention a couple of rather important (to my mind anyway) points. First: are you going to be shooting video or stills? Second: is using the flash an option (some venues allow it, others do not)?

My thoughts (which need to be taken with a serious helping of salt, I'm a hobbiest, not a pro - though I have shot some smaller local shows; I posted a video from a metal show a couple weeks ago.), is that the kit lens is a little slow for most concert shots, but if you're going to be that close to the stage, a 50 will be too narrow to get more than a couple of the performers in the same shot.

Setting the camera to shutter priority and WB to auto generally works well for me. Whether you set the ISO to auto or to a particular setting is really up to you, and will depend on whether or not you'll be using the flash.

If the lighting is unusually bright, the toy camera art mode or high-contrast monochrome can be some fun, but they don't seem to work well in darker settings. I'd probably stick with the 'standard' creative style setting.

I'm also of the opinion that concert photos are much more about 'feel' than they are about technical accuracy. So you shouldn't have to worry too much about having perfect focus with the 50mm; composition is more important.

If you're planning on shooting video, don't trust the built-in mics to do a decent job, they're easily overwhelmed at loud volume levels. I use a Zoom H1.

Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing some of the pictures from the show.

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