Sony A77 flash over exposure

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Re: Overexposure fixed with FW 1.05 ???

Only fired about 15 or so shots... however - until 1.05, I had to Flash Exp comp to -0.7 else every other shot or so would be totally blown out.. After 1.05 - set it back to 0.0 and its seems to be much better.

(and everything works much faster !!)

Wally626 wrote:

I got my A77 in the fall and the first few weeks I had some way over-exposed flash pictures all due to the ISO being way to high. The flash selection is actually "fill" in the menu for normal shooting and the camera was trying to expose for ambient conditions without flash. Since then, I switched to manual ISO, manual shutter speed and manual aperture, when shooting flash and have not had any issues, although I do not shoot much flash. Something must trigger the camera to switch from auto-fill like you would want in bright light to flash exposure only, but I do not know how the camera decides this, so I take the choice away. I do understand that some are having the issue even with flash compensation set to something besides zero and using manual ISO, hopefully 1.05 will help.

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