Buy the warranty at B&H for D800? Yes, No?

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Re: Buy the warranty at B&H for D800? Yes, No?

Im sorry but I hate this reasoning.

I He worked retail for the past 10 years and their is a reason we push warranties and it is so we have the ability to protect our customers.

So many times I get customers who tell my associates "I won't but that, you just make money on it". While this is true, we need to make money on something in order to have an associate to sell you something, keep the doors open, be able to fix your product at any point during the policy, and have someone to work on your camera.

With the price wars of the past few years most products are sold at the exact same cost that we purchase them for. This does not include all the overhead to get it in and out of the store either or the credit card fees from the credit card companies. Laptop is on sale for $100 off? We just lost $100 to get you into our store. If you don't believe me look up Sonys issues with their TVs right now because they have dropped their prices below cost when selling to the retail companies!

So for those people that refuse our warranty and come back into the store in 6 months and say it is broken and expect us to fix it because it's "our" product. I can't tell you how many times I ask the question, "did you buy our warranty?" and they get upset because I am providing "bad customer service" when I tell them they need to deal with the manufacturer.

Profit margins are no where near what they used to be and everyone needs to understand that we need to make money on something so we can provide the interactions and customer service that our customer expect when they walk in the door.

Oscarroos wrote:

I never buy warranty from the retailer. My reasoning is that they would not offer it unless it made money for them. Reality is, as a previous poster said, it really is a huge source of extra income for them. If it makes you feel better buy it but I doubt you will ever collect on it. Me, I would not.

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