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Re: V1 Disappointing Beezedog is right, but..there are tools for giants


As always your wisdom is welcomed.

karlreed wrote:

Hi Beezedog,

You are correct, however, Cristopher Strachey is quoted by Bill McKeeman as having said "The fact that it is possible to push a pea up a mountain with the tip of your nose doesn't prove its a good way to do it". (I hope I remembered it correctly)

Strachey also created a macro processor called GPM which, whilst largely impossible for mere mortals to use, was used by giants to write compilers.. (yes, I'm an IT nerd)

One can get great photos (or great results) with the tools of experts. I can do things with my Triton work bench that are very hard. But, I know that If I had a proper saw bench, these things become easy.

As so many people say, it's the monkey behind the camera that makes the difference.

But, there are situations where the effort to learn things is more than many of us will tolerate, and, I think those who will not tolerate some issues in learning new products are justified. Its the year 2012, and we now know so much about design.

At the end of the day, many of us will extract results using familiar tools that others have trouble getting from later (unfamiliar) products, or, even "better" ones.

In my view, generally, designers can make things easier. I do not know about PS, but, I could use a lot of space describing systems and tools that are only usable by real experts.

I think all this needs to be kept in mind when people post either praise or criticism of new products.

Sometimes, the customer knows what they want, and, a supplier didn't give it too them!

My parting shot is.. try using a plunge-router.. A simple tool but, capable of removing bits of you, or your work-piece if you don't know how to use it!


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karl reed

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