5DIII vs. D800 official score

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5DIII vs. D800 official score

It's pretty interesting to read the reactions to the Nikon D800 in this forum. The Nikon forum is a happier place with few people seeming to care much about the 5DIII. Why is that?

Disclaimer: I'm a Canon 5DII owner and a former D700 owner. I sold the D700 last week and ordered a D800. I ordered the D800 because it's a significant CHANGE from the D700 I owned. I'm keeping the 5DII because the III is a less significant change.

Now, for all of the people comparing these cameras and getting hot under the collar, you're all acting crazy. Any REAL photographer will find the differences between them incredibly small. Even with the D700 and 5DII I was ALWAYS happy with results from either camera; they were very close. Sometimes I liked the low light ability of the D700 a bit better and sometimes I liked the resolution of the 5DII better, but I was always thrilled with both.

From a business standpoint this has become a fascinating battle. Though Canon is far more powerful than Nikon, they are also in a war with Sony and that's a hard battle to win. Since the first sample images of the D3 and D300 appeared everyone knew that the game was changing. The D700 is such a wonderful camera that I really never "needed" to buy a 5DII or D800, but this is a hobby now partially orbiting around technology, so the "upgrade" element is always there.

In one thread some guy is saying that 36mp is too much for some Nikon lenses. In another thread someone is crying that the 5DIII has less DR. They post sample after sample which look HILARIOUSLY close even magnified. Back in context of actual practical shooting the quality is about the same. If you MUST win a battle of specs you will almost ALWAYS be unhappy. D90 owners cried over the D700 specs. 30D owners cried over the 40D. D700 owners cried over the 5DII. And now Canon owners are crying over the D800. Good shooters kept shooting and didn't worry about it.

If you INSIST on choosing a winner between them, the D800 has technically superior specs, BUT this means close to nothing in the real world. Prints from either camera will look nearly identical unless you print billboards. Anyone here using the Epson Claria Billboard printer? I don't know a single pro who's switching systems and actually I don't know any who really care all that much about the two new cameras. The pros are out shooting with their amazing 5DII's and D3x's.

Anyway...I'm new here. I really love photography. I also like gardening, but I don't battle people over which shovel is better. It all depends on the type of dirt you're trying to shovel, and that's a closer analogy to photography than you might think.


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