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Re: Cost is relative. The Nikon 24mm, f/1.4 is $1,800.

straylightrun wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

straylightrun wrote:

The Nikon lens is faster and is designed for Full Frame.

The Zeiss is very expensive for an APS-C only lens. I can't think of an APS-C prime from any other manufacturer which is more expensive.

I have trouble finding APS-C prime lenses at 24mm (or even in the 22 - 26 range). I searched BHPHOTO for APS-C only and then primes for all camera mounts and the results were sparse. I can find the upcoming Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens and it's going to be $850 (for f/2.8) so the Zeiss 24 is $150 more and provides f/1.8.

The Canon lenses are FF and not restricted to APS-C only. They also have IS in them.

But you're right, I don't know of any other manufacturer that makes a fast 35mm equiv APS-C lens. Samsung has a 30/2 for $300, but is 45mm equiv, not 35mm equiv. Still, the $700+ price difference is a big deal for most people.

It's a big deal for me as well. And it's about to be an $800+ price difference. Sigh.

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