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Re: Another Couple Went "Viral"

I think when I started using July, there seemed to be more people putting only their best images on, which is what seemed to differentiate from most other image sites for me. I'm starting to see more 'snaps' being put on though, which tends to happen when these types of sites hit the mainstream.

I'd have to agree with this, I started using it a while ago and the images being put up there were nothing short of spectacular, I think those spectacular images are still there, but you have to go through a fair few more to find the amazing ones (I stopped using it for a while because I felt I had to many social media things to keep a track of).

Well done for getting so much attention for the images you posted. I don't know how much you promote your images, but I think with all these photo sites you get what you put into it with regards to views and comments, and in 500px case, votes. And you never know, possibly sales. Posting a thread here with a link to your 500px page won' t do any harm too because of the views threads get on a popular site like this.

The funny thing about this is to hit those views I didn't do anything, which is why I thought it was so amazing, it was already getting a lot of attention before I posted anywhere, I guess someone with a lot of followers on 500px favourited it, and then it just got bigger from there.

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