"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Mirrorless is a good example of disruptive technology

LJSmak wrote:

Bart Hickman wrote:

LJSmak wrote:

They don't seem to do that, most likely because they fear their own mirrorless sales would cost them DSLR sales. The Nikon 1 system appears to use a smaller sensor to avoid just that. (although it struck me recently that the 24-70 when used on the 1-system, becomes a f/2.8 80-200...)

I think Nikon chose the 2.7x sensor because it enables smaller lenses--ie., the whole point is to make a system that's significantly more compact than the 1.5x system and m43 competitors. And unlike the m43 vendors, Nikon even made a very compact swivel flash--so a complete system truly is compact.

I think once Nikon has perfected the in-sensor phase detect AF in the 1 system, they will migrate it (along with EVF) into the low end DSLRs. They won't lose money because people at the low end don't buy many lenses anyway. And the beauty is they can start making a new line of mirrorless APS-C lenses.

Probably just wishful thinking on my part.

Maybe you're right but currently it's not significantly smaller at all, nor are the lenses... (especially the superzoom movie-lens)

I also think that probably the low-end Nikon DSLRs will get an EVF first, possibly while simply keeping the normal DX geometry and lens-distance and so on.

yet another system (besides 1 and DX) seems unlikely to me... but who knows.


1 won't replace F mount it's sensor is too small to do that effectively (look at how 4/3 died in the DSLR business)

Some of the makers might play around with EVF's but you won't gain a size advantage here, in fact a lot of people feel the A55/A35 were too small and they are not comfortable cameras to hold

DSLR's are not for everyone, but you won't make every camera small by wishing it so.

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