Steer me towards/away from a Pentax K5

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If I were to buy another Pentax (I sold my k20d last year), then I'd hope it had better focusing and faster processing. I haven't tried a k5, but the k20d just wouldn't lock on sometimes, even in daylight. And the buffer would fill too fast. After about 10 shots, I'd have to wait at least 10 seconds. The K7 I tried had the same problem. Canons and Nikons are much better in this regard. Even my friend's 40D blew away the k20/k7 in performance. Also, Pentax's supposedly pro lens, the 50-135, is quite good but the focus speed is abysmal. I suspect since the same motor is used on the 16-50 the speed problem remains. Pentax's in-lens motors are simply not well-designed and famously prone to breakdown.

Pentax is much cheaper than Canon or Nikon, and if you don't need speed you may be fine. But you do get what you pay for, and Pentax is generations behind the others in terms of shooting performance and will probably always be behind. Personally, I'd go for a used Canon or Nikon before a new Pentax. People are always touting the supposedly great old used glass you can use, but just try looking for something: it's not easy to find anything desirable any more.

It's like trying to decide between a used Honda or a new Suzuki. The Honda is the better value.

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