Yellowstone holiday advice sought

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Re: Yellowstone holiday advice sought

When I visited Yellowstone I did not fully appreciate what it is. Years later I understood. It is a very, very large volcano that is still active. Is it the largest volcanic area in the world? Study this area's geological history, past eruptions, etc. and understand its immense size. The fact that things are so hot and close to the surface brings up the question - When will it erupt next? Probably not for 50,000 years but ..?.....

Dinosaur Park was also one of my favorite spots again because I realized what it represents. Before traveling the West I thought fossils were very rare. After traveling I now believe that the West (and the rest of the world) has huge underground areas of fossils. The discovered fossil beds are mostly small areas where the crust movement and erosion have brought the main layer to the surface - the fossil beds are the edge of the underground layer of fossils. I'll bet much less than 1% of the fossils have been discovered so far.

I wish I had researched these amazing areas before my visit.

Chas Tennis

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