Capture One Pro student/faculty discount available

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Re: Capture One Pro student/faculty discount available

ComputerDork wrote:

I thought some people might want to know about this.

For a long time I havent seen any academic discount for capture one pro, but it looks like Mamiya is now selling it to academic types for something like $99 (at least that's what I got it for):

You have to create an account and login to see the price but you don't have to submit any proof of studenthood until you order something. A camera phone scan of my ID and a screenshot of my class registration was sufficient for them.

The odd thing is that I logged in one day and it said like $129 or something, then 2 days later I looked again and it was $99. So I don't know if they keep changing it or if it varies by area or what.

Even with more than a month still left on my trial I decided to just go ahead and get it before they end the discount or change the price again or something. Most people could live without Capture One,

Live without C1?!! No way! I'm not sure I could go back to the Adobe dark ages.

but I've been doing a lot of tethered capture in the studio with my Nikon and medium format backs, and I'd much rather use this for tethered capture than Nikon capture nx2 or whatever. Now if phase one will just add live view for Nikon and canon....

I think the main phase one site is also selling the normal commercial version at some discount right now too. What do you want to bet that all this stuff has something to do with Lightroom 4 being released? (It's not like I'd really want to use capture one to replace Lightroom anyway.)

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