5D Mark III Video Review

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Re: 5D Mark III Video Review

joema1 wrote:

A DSLR is not optimal for "run and gun" shooting -- even if that's walking around the house shooting a birthday party. Whether it has continuous video AF or not, there are many issues you must deal with -- sound, stabilization, ensure shutter speed is 2x frame rate, avoiding the low ISO limit for bright scenes, needing a neutral density filter, etc.

Thanks for sharing very nice insights into the complexity of the process.

The Nikon D4 AF video demo looked very nice to my untrained eyes. I think I would be very pleased with just that level of performance in the Canon video approach. However, based on what you have detailed above, I almost begin to question why they bother adding any video to these high end DSLR cameras if they are confronted with such a steep list of challenges.

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