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Re: Looking for my flash...

Mat Miller wrote:

@ Sailor Blue...Thank you, I did not know you lose stops with HSS. That might not be the way to go. Do you think Alien Bee's might do the trick? They seem to be reasonably priced...

No. AlineBees have a long flash duration. The White Lighting in faster but the flash duration is only about 1/2000 sec. A good quality hot-shoe flash at 1/4 power will have a flash duration in the 1/20,000 sec range.

I still think the best way is to gang a bunch of hot-shoe flash units together to give you enough power to overcome the ambient light at the sync speed.

Check out the specifications for low cost units like the Yongnuo YN-460 II, YN-560, or even the Neewer-TT520.





Remember you need to double the number of flash units to double the power so you go from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to...

Ten Neewer-TT520's, enough cold- or hot-shoe adapters, and one hot-shoe/PC sync adapter would cost less than the price of one SB-900 and give you more power.

Bolt the cold- or hot-shoe adapters on boards, spacing them out enough to evenly light an area long enough to catch both cars in the flashes. Mount the flash units with the optical slaves aimed backward. Place one flash with the hot-shoe/PC sync adapter and the RF receiver behind the ganged flashes to trigger all of them.

This is an arrangement explained in Syl Arena's excellent book, "Speedliter's Handbook.


I also suggest you have an arrangement that the police will replace any flash units they crash into and that you heavily sandbag your light stands.

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