Yellowstone holiday advice sought

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Places, dates of opening, cameras

I have traveled all of this area many times. I ran this itinerary in Microsoft Streets and Trips and it comes out to 2150 miles including most of the park roads in Yellowstone. That can be done, but it depends on your appetite for car vs. out of car. I'd recommend you download that app from microsoft and try your routes. It has 30 day free trial, then you can decide whether to buy. It will let you assess distances and comfort level.

Note that the road through Glacier usually doesn't open until about July 5 due to snow. You need that road to enjoy the park on this schedule. You don't say when you are going, but be sure to factor that date into your plans.

On the way between Yellowstone and Glacier you might look up the National Bison Range in Montana. It is on your route and very beautiful. If you are tired of people it is a good place. Also on that route is the Ninepipes National Wildlife refuge. Again a wonderful respite from the crowds of high season parks.

As for cameras for wildlife here is the thing: these parks have HUGE vistas, unlike anything I've seen in Europe and interesting wildlife will pop up as if out of nowhere at a great distance, often across a huge expanse of land. You can't run up to it. To get that "wolf stalking the buffalo kid" or that "grizzly that steps out from behind the shrubs" you need a lot of zoom and fast handling. (You hope you need zoom for the grizzly.) The 250mm you mention is minimal, but ok. An effective 500mm with crop factor would be ideal. Frankly, I think the best camera type for this kind of travel is a superzoom, but since you don't have that, do bear in mind that you will want a lot of zoom for wildlife. For wide angle landscape any of these will do.

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