A77 and Lightroom (4) NR settings

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Re: A77 and Lightroom (4) NR settings

For ISO in this range, with LR 4 (and RAWs) I use, as a preset starting point:

Sharpening: 57, 1.6, 21, 26

Noise reduction: 55, 50, 0, 36, 60

Obviously, your mileage may vary, but I find this a good starting point. (For really fine adjustments, I will use Neat Image as an "Edit-in" companion [well, as soon as LR 4 fixes the bug that doesn't let you use "edit-in" unless you have something like Photoshop installed]. In Neat Image, I have a separate adjustment for each ISO from 100 - 6400.) But the basic LR 4 adjustment--I have one for "low" ISO (400 and below) and one for "high" ISO (800 and above), does a pretty decent job for almost all of my a77 RAWs.

At least, this might suggest a starting point for you to fiddle with. Good luck!

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