Switching modes on the D800 is really, really bad.

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Re: Switching modes on the D800 is really, really bad.

DocS wrote:

This is an incredible design flaw on the D800. It absolutely amazes me that Nikon could let something like this slip by.

I agree its not the world's most comfortable position. However, its much better if you turn on custom option f10, as it lets you press and release the mode button, then turn the dial (not requiring doing both simultaneously).

All that said, Nikon's placement is still MUCH better than Canon's which (i) has to be done with your left hand, necessitating a complete exit from shooting position, (ii) requires coordination of two fingers to unlock the dial (on the 5D3), (iii) cannot be seen in the viewfinder, and (iv) cannot even be seen from behind the camera with your eye away from the viewfinder, meaning you must look at the camera above to even see what mode your in. Now that is bad ergonomics...

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