"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Mirrorless is a good example of disruptive technology

Voff wrote:

Nikon and Canon will probably take their share into the mirrorless market in due course as it is a new camera segment to gain customers in.

They don't seem to do that, most likely because they fear their own mirrorless sales would cost them DSLR sales. The Nikon 1 system appears to use a smaller sensor to avoid just that. (although it struck me recently that the 24-70 when used on the 1-system, becomes a f/2.8 80-200...)

Mirorrless is not an example of disruptive technology (it is hardly a technology per se; it is about removing a feature from a product), but an example of an increasingly fragmented camera market.

When creating digital images, using an EVF only makes sense. There are only benefits, and there are many. (provided the technology is good enough... we are getting there) It is not a matter of "removing" something, it is more a matter of adding a LOT of features.

At the same time the benefit for the manufacturers is even greater; get rid of all the (expensive) precision-mechanical parts and the optical stuff like focusing screen, prism, and mirror, and replace all that with (cheap to produce) electronics, AND ask a higher price for the result. Bingo.

DSLR's won't go away anytime soon; particularly as Nikon and Canon are setting new sales records for every DSLR model they release somthing that is currently happening....

They are just lucky the DSLR market is so incredibly conservative.
(especially in the USA, I might add.)

Nobody in the movie-business is complaining about electronic viewfinders... that's because they are simply much better at showing what the -digital- result will look like, than ANY optical finder ever could be.


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