J'Accuse - Why Do Camera Makers Produce Flawed Products?

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Re: MR's opinion is just that, not fact

Bob Meyer wrote:

One other thing is that not everyone has the same priorities, or feels the same way about what MR hates. For years, he's railed against Canon for making mirror lock up so difficult. That never bothered me at all. He's never had a problem, though, with Canon's push a button and twirl a dial approach to user interface, but I find it far less convenient than my GH2's (and Niikon's) buttons and switches.

I don't think he's talking about priorities or preferences though. My equipment preferences have rarely aligned with MR's preferences, but I still find his criticisms spot on in general. He's talking about decisions that are obviously stupid and wrong, or obvious bugs and inadequacies that real photographers would have noticed prior to shipping the product. Maybe mirror lockup doesn't matter to you, but for landscape photographers reading Luminous Landscape it matters a lot. Canon used to bury MLU under a series of menus so deep it was very inconvenient to access. Similarly, Nikon made MLU and live view mutually exclusive modes on the D700. These are just bad design decisions, pure and simple. Hand either camera to a landscape photographer for a couple days and you'll be sure to hear about them.

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