DXOMARK.COM IS DOWN. 5D3 results soon?

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Re: DXOMARK.COM IS DOWN. 5D3 results soon?

Ramjager wrote:

Frankly I really wouldn't miss such a disasterously misleading site if they stayed down forever.

Justvtake a look at the lens test results..the new Canon 400/2.8 has a lower score than consumer zooms..lol!

Cannot for the life of me see why anyone can take them setiously when the testing they do is flawed and hidden in every way.

The Canon 70-200II well that's rated like 31..simply the best zoom Canon has made to date a nF the best mid range zoom ever is not even in the top 20!! And it's surpassed again by non L zooms.

Sorry but if the lens testing is THAT bad who cares what they say about sensors as it will be as bad and again not to be trusted..please note there are also several great Nikon lenses which don't rate either..just hopeless is DXO..

wOOOW, if you're that smart and full of knowledges than prove them wrong...

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