"The Auctioneers" Part 2 - Silkypix DSP5 at work...

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Re: "The Auctioneers" Part 2 - Silkypix DSP5 at work...

This is not a comment on the images, but a comment on their processing. The pictures look 'cooked' , the flesh tones look rather pasty and the midtones and shadow areas have unnaturally flat appearance for the available light. This looks like similar to an overcorrection in the photoshop highlight/shadows tool . The "radius" of the correction seems to have left some halos or what look like masking effects.

There is also a strange appearance to the shaded and mid tone areas in terms of uneven colour contrast in the blues and magentas that looks like crossed curves (if it were film) or effects that comes from pushing a file to the point of posterization.

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