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Re: Still waiting for evidence

Dean Baird wrote:

Leok wrote:

No tethering = proof positive of underdeveloped software. I wonder what else is missing or rushed...

Not a mechanical problem with the first batch that will resolved in the tenth batch.

Why manufacturers feel the need to change RAW encoding from one model to the next is beyond me. If they must do this surely they could give Adobe & others the new specs early enough that LR & Photoshop work the day the camera is released.

Not a mechanical problem with the first batch that will resolved in the tenth batch.

Spares like the new batteries and cards are often difficult and expensive to get hold of

Not a mechanical problem with the first batch that will resolved in the tenth batch.

Quality will improve and glitches will be fixed as time goes by. I'm happy to wait a few months until the new cameras work smoothly.

Again, I'm sitting here with my popped popcorn waiting for actual evidence of what increasingly seems like wives' tales/folk wisdom suggesting waiters get better bodies than early adopters.

My popcorn's getting stale while I wait. C'mon sideline spectators--step up your game!


There is proof of the camera being rushed into production, which is never a good thing. In theory software problems are fixable. In practice you've paid an awful lot of money for an unfinished product and have to put up with the problems caused by this for several months. Been there done that, would prefer not to do it again. Releasing a pro camera without tethering software is ridiculous. Not being able to use LR in my workflow is a serious pain in the ass and increases editing time significantly.

If there are any hardware issues they are not likely to be fixed by new firmware. I have seen this with other cameras... early ones were more likely to have warranty claims or subtle faults. The last camera I bought as soon as it was released was a K10D. I was lucky as quite a few other early adopters had faulty or badly connected sensors that caused vertical bands at medium - high ISOs. Nikon is not immune to this.

I'd rather wait for the glitches to be ironed out and will pay less for the camera in a few months once the hype has died down. Others can't resist the shiny new toy. Everyone makes their own decisions.

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