X100: AFL in MF focus method fails after 1.20 update

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Re: X100: AFL in MF focus method fails after 1.20 update

mark3000 wrote:

What I would really love to see is the focus area box resizeable in MF mode so I can make it the smallest size like in AF-S. Is there a reason this will never be possible?

The rectangle shown in the MF viewfinder is not a AF focus box (with FW 1.13, AF using the AFL button is never influenced by even very contrasty subjects just inside that rectangle, because that is outside the actual AF area). The rectangle shows the part of the VF that will be zoomed in on if the Command control is pressed. The actual focus box used when you press the AFL button in MF appears to be a standard sized AF box (same as the box in the OVF using AFS).

The effect of reducing the size of that Zoom box would be to vary the zoom used when the Command control was pressed. That would be handy, but Fuji haven't given it to us. Possibly they doubt that they EVF can usefully display any more info if zoomed in any more.

The actual focus box used by the AFL button is not visible in the MF viewfinder. That was potentially challenging, but turned out to be perfectly workable so long as we always knew where it was. Before FW 1.20, it was always in the middle of the Zoom box. FW 1.20 moved it (presumably unintentionally) which initially caused a lot of difficulty. But now that we seem to have worked out where it was moved to, it is workable again, in a kludgy way.

But having a variable sized invisible focus box might be a challenge too far.

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