"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Mirrorless is a good example of disruptive technology

Voff wrote:

Nikon and Canon do not have a hard time responding to new technology; they are too busy selling DSLR wich continue to increase in sales volumes. The mirrorless eating into DSLR share is a statistical artifact from the fact that you include a new category into an existing one.

This is exactly why established players can get blind-sided by an alternative (not necessarily new) technology--it's difficult for the internal organization to justify a change in course. Disruptive technology can start life as an old technology that has inherent disadvantages to the established technology, but starts out in the low end of the market and gradually improves enough to satisfy a significant portion of the entire market.

To their credit, Nikon has responded with their 1 system which I think will eventually replace their low end DSLRs in the market place.

Nikon and Canon will probably take their share into the mirrorless market in due course as it is a new camera segment to gain customers in.

I think a fair portion of the market satisfied by mirrorless cameras desires a more compact system. So Nikon and Canon will need to address that IMO. Like I said, Nikon already has addressed it with the 1 system. Canon may have with the G1X as well--I think it depends some on how the AF of that camera performs.

Mirorrless is not an example of disruptive technology (it is hardly a technology per se; it is about removing a feature from a product), but an example of an increasingly fragmented camera market.

The salient technologies are the EVF and the sensor-plane AF. They become disruptive if their disadvantages get solved or minimized to irrelevance. The established DSLR is then at a disadvantage if the mirror system is no longer advantageous. I'm not saying this has happened. But I think it will happen eventually.

DSLR's won't go away anytime soon; particularly as Nikon and Canon are setting new sales records for every DSLR model they release somthing that is currently happening....

I agree with that--this could take a while.


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