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Re: gail - comparing cameras: G1X vs G11 - ISO & DR

Thanks Marco for all the time you've taken to provide such a thoughtful reply. I much appreciate it.

I just replied in another thread with some examples of why the G1X has considerable advantages when it comes to shots demanding good Dynamic Range.

I'll take a look.

You say you don't see any difference and I find that hard to comprehend. Especially if you are happy to post-process your images to achieve what you believe is the final idealistic version.

I may not have been clear enough but I qualified my statement by referencing properly exposed and focused photos taken in good light, ones that I judge after they are processed. In otherwords after they are reduced in size (and perhaps cropped) and levels and unsharp mask adjustments applied, which I do post processing JPEGS as I rarely shoot RAW.

A few years back a pro in one of the photography forums opined that photos taken in good light can be indistinguishable between a DSLR and a high quality compact. Don't misunderstand me, I've taken photos with L lenses costing well over $1000. I am not including them in this discussion.

Since this thread is about the G1X Vs the G11, I might suggest looking at this comparison.

Will do.

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