m43 system versus Canon EOS 5D system

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Re: m43 system versus Canon EOS 5D system


You are right - I should reverse the f-numbers on top .... some time


Sylvain G wrote:
Kjed, a question to clear a doubt if you will.

On the main page you mention that you shoot at equivalent apertures f/4 on m43 & f/8 on FF. Yet, in the screen crops section, you always have f/8 then f/4 (for instance) with the m43 shot being on top. It's a bit misleading although I don't suppose you actually shot the pictures this way but the other way around.

Nice work.


Kjeld Olesen wrote:


I have not quite finished this, but just wanted to share

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my 'review' of the Olympus PEN E-P1 - http://www.catbag.net/wp/?p=173

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