B&H is on Authorized Nikon dealer list

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Re: Henry... I don't know what BH is paying you..

I have to agree. It seems some of the folks in these forums are very immature. I feel like some act like a child not getting their candy and throwing tamper tantrums. Really strange.

I've been buying from B&H since 1993 and have never had a single problem with their service. I remember having an issue with the first D700 that I bought. It had a dead pixel on the screen, which bugged me. I sent the body back but it cost me a lot since I had to insure it for the full amount. When filling out the B&H customer service survey online, I mentioned that I paid for shipping back although it wasn't my fault. Henry sent me an email directly and asked for the shipping receipt. After providing a copy, I was refunded the shipping costs in full. I was very, very pleased to say the least. Mind you, I could have probably made a stink about it and gotten it refunded, but this was a voluntary decision by B&H (Henry) after reading my survey! The fact that they read the survey and then contacted to give me money back speaks volumes for their service.

Over the years I've spent well over $20,000 at the store, maybe even more considering we've done purchases on another account for work. I feel very comfortable buying items of any cost from them.

Lastly, the Jan 2012 dealer list (PDF says 2012 unlike link) had B&H listed as well (don't see Best Buy though).


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