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Re: Get a D800 to make your 14-24 effectively 14-36 equiv

Exactly the point. Thanks.

dnercesian wrote:

I think you misunderstood what Frank was saying. He is not calling the 14-24 a sub par or even sub spectacular lens. He is saying that it is a waste to buy a $3K camera in order to digitally zoom images. By proper lens, he means compromising using the full frame sensor to achieve the look of the greater focal length vs just buying a lens that is the proper focal length needed for full use of the sensor.

I agree with Frank. I also would much rather control my perspective and my actual distance to subject via the zoom vs simply cropping or stepping closer. When shooting animals or people, you'd be surprised how your proximity affects their moods, and thus the scene.

whoosh1 wrote:

frankd783 wrote:

You'll buy a $3000 camera to use it for digital zooming? Rather than buying proper glass? Okaaaayyyy...??! :-7

You mean to say that the 14-24 f/2.8 is not a proper glass? You are entitled to your opinion of course - but I thought that was a great lens and it shows that quality (sharpness, low distortion) in the pictures. I can understand preferring 16-35 for weight, filter thread, VR, etc. but do not understand the statement that 14-24 is not a proper lens. The D800 would be a good option for FX anyway. Also the main selling point of the D800 for many folks who do not print big over the D3s or such class was the croppability - digital zoom. The question here is which compromise you would rather have - D800 + 16-35 which is great but not spectacular in the range 16-35mm (107 to 63 degrees) or a D800 + 14-24 with spectacular performance in the range 14-24 (114 to 84 degrees) and extend that with crop modes for effective field of view of a 24-36mm lens ((84 to approx 63 degrees)? For me that will be the choice (when I get my D800 this Friday to go with my 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 VR II/70-300 VR lenses & several primes - with 24-70 likely staying home on travels in favor of 14-24 + 1 other lens).

In camera crop modes are nothing else than a digital zoom, if you use FX lenses!

You get the same effect by simple cropping in PP afterwards, cutting away pixels. Ok, you avoid another step in the PP workflow, granted.

DX mode on D3/4/700/800 are normally meant for people who use some DX glass from time to time.


whoosh1 wrote:

Instead of updating to 2 D4 - update to a D4 and a D800.

Use from 14-24 in the FX mode and then if need more at 24mm use 1.2x crop for roughly 30mm equivalent and 1.5x crop for 36mm equivalent.

Keep the 70-200mm on your D4.

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