D800 autofocus issue

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Re: Welcome to the party!

TFergus wrote:

aman74 wrote:

TFergus wrote:

aman74 wrote:

BeefHammer wrote:

I got some great shots of your mom.


Sorry you got treated so poorly BeefHammer.

How cute... someone has a crush

I'm glad the ignorant are so quick to show it. Makes them easier to avoid.

Yet you can't help but continuously respond to me and ask questions...

Apparently some aren't so quick to pick up on things.
Like "avoiding".

I always hold out a little hope that someone will see how narrow-minded they're being and maybe take things into consideration and grow as a person instead of getting defensive. You're right though, that doesn't seem possible at this time with you so I'll now avoid you and add you to my ignore list. Take care.

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