Sigma SD1 It is!!!! But I still need your help.

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Re: Sigma SD1 It is!!!! But I still need your help.

raimundo gaby wrote:

Thank you folks,

I want to make this decision in the next two days. I have spent most of the day researching these lenses. Now I have in my cart:

1. 8-16-- because of the feedback here. (I did not find much info on the 12-24 wide

I don't know about the new 12-24 but I liked the old. Not for it's sharpness but because of it's (lack of) distortion profile. The difference in focal length is enormous between the two so choose wisely. Personally I already find the 10-20 too wide most of the time.

2. 150mm macro (Even though I am not sure here- I saw many great pictures with the 70 macro)

Get it

3. 24-70mm F2.8

I've found this focal range not so useful on APS. I hope that sigma will introduce a good ±35mm prime. That would then be my choice.

4. 70-200mm. I could not find much info on the 50-500? or the 150-500, or the 120-400.

70-200 if you want top notch tele with shallow depth of filed. But the 150mm + 85 or 70mm could be a solution instead of this. I'm a prime guy so i might be biased

Maybe the 50-500 if you want a lot of tele and versatility. Make sure you get the OS version. It's not bad at all.

5. I am also considering the 85mm for portrait. Would I miss too much If I use the 24-70 for that?

85 gives a nice length for portraits.

What do you think?


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