Help me decide

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Re: Help me decide

D7000newbie wrote:

Sounds like the consensus is to return my prime. I will return the 50mm and use some of that money for another lens.

TFergus wrote:

If forced... I would go with Option #1.

More variety is why.... why limit yourself.

That said, my 2 favorite lenses are:
70-200/2.8 (Nikon)
17-50/2.8 (Tamron).

I would like that setup also.

So what I would start with is this
70-200/2.8 Can't afford Nikon so Sigma.
17-50/2.8 Sigma or Tamron whichever is better

I'm looking at $2k with those two. I should have over 90% of my shooting covered.

It's obviously more than your other options, but if you can pull it... that's what I'd recommend. Using them a while will help you determine which primes would be of most interest.

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