"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: Mirrorless is a good example of disruptive technology

Voff wrote:

Bart Hickman wrote:

The established players (Nikon/Canon) often have a hard time moving to the new technology. Canon hasn't done anything yet. Nikon has a compact mirrorless system. I think it's only a matter of time before Canon and Nikon start making mirrorless bodies for their APS-C systems.

Nikon and Canon do not have a hard time responding to new technology; they are too busy selling DSLR wich continue to increase in sales volumes. The mirrorless eating into DSLR share is a statistical artifact from the fact that you include a new category into an existing one.

actually I think their prime sellers in APSC are feeling the competition. I havent done any proper analysis but I got the feeling from the stats around, especially the fairly effective ones for mirrorless from Japan, the high volume models have taken a kicking and mirrorless doesnt seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Indeed in the US, UK and Europe, its presence seems to be growing.

in the Japanese market in 2008 Canons 450D had 19.1%, 400D 8.4% of the whole Japan SLR market, by 2011 it dropped further with 550D having 8.3% and lost #1 spot to D3100, 600D held at 8%.

so for 2 models they began from
27.5% in 2008
29.1% in 2009
22.8% in 2010
16.3% in 2011

Nikon and Canon will probably take their share into the mirrorless market in due course as it is a new camera segment to gain customers in.

They have the unique problem of not trying to steal even more sales from their high volume SLR cameras. After all these cameras are their bread and butter. Nikons answer to this was to make the sensor smaller for Nikon 1, but didnt seem to pursue that in camera size (but that could change). Canon who never wanted to be part of mirrorless in the firstplace re:


19th Canon gave an interesting interview in China this week

Canon has no plans to join the Micro 4/3 industry at the moment. Canon has different sized sensors already, and users have different systems. Most of them don't want to invest for another new system

and only has downsides to be involved in it. Of all the players Canon has both the most to lose and the least to gain from anything mirrorless as it squanders sales away from SLRs which supports high volume low prices, hence pricing and market position.


Mirorrless is not an example of disruptive technology (it is hardly a technology per se; it is about removing a feature from a product), but an example of an increasingly fragmented camera market.

DSLR's won't go away anytime soon; particularly as Nikon and Canon are setting new sales records for every DSLR model they release somthing that is currently happening....

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