NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: It was already 12-bits

snake_b wrote:


You're acting like I'm the only person talking about this here. I'm interested in knowing where the truth lies, while you have owners who are complaining on many fronts around this "upgrade".

the kind of prove you stated will not come as well as there is no review out on the internet that claims to have SRW with 14bit depth but stating 12bit only as well as Jay as Samsung respresentiative stated that they added compression, so....to me it seems that rather Adobe had issues with the EXIF interpretation on ACR6.6 and addressed it meanwhile (as well as dcraw taking the color schema from ACR as well should then be showing the same issues when dealing with the new raw)

Others as C1 and SilkyPIx have no issues with that even with the Nov 2011 versions supplied with the first shipments.

I also don't know how the Sony attack comes into play here. Do you think I'm a Sony fan? Is that it? It looks like your statement isn't even complete, so I'll wait on that one.

I believe that it must be more fun o9n that forum as there are much more threads with much more people and with the lens tests for the NEX7 you have much more evident facts you can throw into the ring.. I thought it might be more fun.

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