5D Mark III $ 3500.00 and No Auto Focus ?

Started Mar 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
7enderbender Contributing Member • Posts: 822
No autofocus would be nice ;-)

Gee, for a split second I thought there may finally be a custom solution to get rid of autofocus. Yep, I said that.

People have different experiences, backgrounds and needs. Obviously, the OP is looking for something to work with video, I suppose. I'm not interested in video in an SLR and never use it. When I have to do anything video I use a designated video camera.

For "normal" use the feature he is asking for doesn't seem like a good idea for reasons others have pointed out already. It's an SLR and not a little P&S or other mirrorless thingy.

But here's the thing: I'd be happy if there was a "no autofocus" version of the 5D and corresponding manual focus lenses. I actually liked that better and that was the reason I never "upgraded" to the EOS system from my FD system before digital was no longer avoidable. Even the L lenses don't feel as sturdy and well made as the old manual focus lenses. So a custom solution for use with, for example, Zeiss lenses that incorporates a non-transparent mirror and a traditional focus screen would be great. So there you have the other end of the crack-pot spectrum...

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