NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: It was already 12-bits

Is this definitive? You are going from thread to thread, proclaiming how you notice nothing and you're speaking about mystery people and what they said, while others are saying they've quantified loss of data.

So which one is it?

tkpenalty wrote:

its quite simple. Somebody already tried and found no bits beyond 4096; i.e. its a tag error (or someone misread the tags). My tags show that the pre 1.04 RAWs produced 16 bit RAW files, for both NX200 and NX10

Here is the thing. When converting pre 1.03 RAW files from NX200 and NX10, adobe DNG converter produced 12 bit RAW files. When converting 14-bit RAW files from a D3s DNG produced 14 bit RAW file. When converting 12 bit RAWs from a D3s dng produced 12 bit RAW files

In summary the NX10 and NX200 are undisputeably 12 bit RAW cameras. end of story. *

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