D7000 - Dark Viewfinder?

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Re: D7000 - Dark Viewfinder?

I currently own a D90, does not exhibit this behaviour. I had a d7k in my hands for a few hours, did not notice something on that either (i had to take out the battery).

Maybe the lcd overlay creates the illusion of the image being much brighter, because otherwise it does not make much sense from a physics point of view for the battery to influence the light passing through the lens-> mirror-> viewfinder path.

This fact is also one argument of the OVF supporters in their "battle" with the EVF supporters, that the ovf works no matter what and does not need battery to work.

The only hypothesis that could make sense would be that with no battery the lens aperture closes at the minimum possible and this darkens the image enough for the human eye to see a difference.

Other than that, the electronics and battery do not influence the optical light path in it's way and I myself have not seen this behaviour neither on my old d90 nor on the d7k I had the opportunity to play with. And I stand by my previous statement that the user manual only talks about the LCD in the viewfinder, not about the viewfinder itself.

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