From 7D cropped sensor to which FF cam & lenses ?

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From 7D cropped sensor to which FF cam & lenses ?

Currently using :

Canon 7D
Canon 10-22mm (a lot)
Canon 17-55mm IS 2.8 (less and less)
Sigma 30mm 1.4 (a lot)
Canon 85mm 1.8 (quite often)
Sigma 70mm 2.8 (rarely, but some friends love to use it
Canon 70-200mm IS F4 (for sport events)

Let's say I'm a semi pro shooter, it's not my main job, but I did some paid shootings. I'm thinking about moving to full frame because I shoot a LOT in dim light and without a flash (like weddings for instance), so I love big aperture and nice bokeh. FF will give me even more possibilities.

I considered several options :

-buying a 5DII, and keeping the 7D for sport. A bit complicated for lenses as I have some APS-C only lenses, so I can't switch them all to the FF. Cost would be affordable, a used 5DII is around 1500€. As I LOOOOOVE my 85mm on the 7D and I found a good opportunity, I bought an used 135mm F2 already.

-selling all my APS-C only lenses, selling the 7D, and buying a 5DIII. Then I have to replace some lenses. I was thinking about 17-40L (I just NEED a wide angle lens), maybe a 35mm 1.4 (expensive though...), as I love this focal length. Possibility a Canon 50mm 1.4, not that expensive if used. More expensive move, as the 5DIII is really expensive, as well as the L lenses.

-selling everything, and moving to Nikon, as their D800 looks like a wonderful camera for the price. But then I looked at the lenses, and it seems to be a deal killer :

  • the 14-24 looks wonderful, but its price is also wonderful

  • same remark for most primes from Nikon : very very expensive

  • the Nikon 135mm F2 doesn't look as good as the Canon version (and as I said, I LOOOOVE this focal length)

  • there is just NO 70-200 IS F4 for Nikon mount, right ?

And also : the D800 seems great for landscape & studio (two domains I'm not interested in), and a bit slow (I don't shoot mostly sport, but still, I really enjoy it).

So my current conclusion is :

-D800 is not really for me, and the switch would be very expensive

-5DII could be an interesting solution, with 2 cameras (nice to have a backup, even if my old Rebel is still working in case I move to a 5DIII). But then all my lenses are not switchable

-5DIII sounds like 5D+7D in one body, and I just have to use one set of lenses. And very good high ISO, and this lovely silent shutter mode (I HATE that people notice when I shoot). Main problem : it's more expensive to change my APS-C lenses and to buy this body.

Are there any obvious flaws in my thinking ? should I maybe consider another brand ? (I checked Sony, the FF body doesn't seem as good, the best lenses seem wonderful, but very expensive). I could also do it in two steps : buy a used 5DII (there are tons now), wait for good deals on the missing lenses, then finally sell my 5DII+7D and buy the 5DIII when it's a bit more affordable. Or maybe I'm not good enough for FF yet and I should just learn a bit more ?

Any good advice ?

Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EOS 5D Mark III Canon EOS 7D Nikon D800
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