5D Mark III $ 3500.00 and No Auto Focus ?

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Re: 5D Mark III $3500.00 and no autofocus ?

vinovino06 wrote:

I definitly will not buy the 5 D Mark III it is simply not worth it . I am perfectly happy with the 5 D Mark II . Its ISO and IQ are excellent no need to upgrade at this time.

You're repeating this in every post you make. If you're happy with your MK2 why are you whining so much about the MK3? I just don't get it.

vinovino06 wrote:

I will wait for the 5 D Mark IV which will definitly have more MP better IQ and other upgrades all at a lower price.

The MK3 just came out and you already know how the MK4 will be like? Are you working at the Research Center of Canon or what? Regarding the MP... I'm sure that most of real photographers know that MP is not all the photo cameras are about. In fact, only the complete amateurs are running after MPs only. The pro photographers are taking into consideration all aspects of the camera and mostly - the aspects and features that they need. There is no perfect camera and there will never be. It's all about what do you need and we all know that there are a lot of types of photography and for each one of them a different features are necessary.

More MP, better IQ, more upgrades at lower price? My guess is that Canon made a mistake with the price. But not with MK3 but with MK2. It was (and still is) a great camera for a reasonable price. When I say reasonable price, it all depends on what are you doing with the camera. If you're shooting your family on the family trips I guess a point-and-shoot is good enough. If you like more options and better IQ as a 'hobby' I guess some xxxD is good enough. If you're thinking about MK3 then you probably are working professionally and making a good money on photography so the price tag of $3,500 will not be a problem at all.

vinovino06 wrote:

Canon usually listens to its client base , I am sure they are reading all the bad press that the 5 D Mark III is receiving. Soon Canon will realize they have made a mistake in releasing the 5 D Mark III without more MP

And again with the MPs. Why do you need so many MPs? Are you making some high quality prints on the facade of the buildings? If you're so sick for the MPs then I strongly suggest you something like 'Hasselblad H4D-200MS'. It costs 'only' $44,000. How affordable that sounds to you?

After all MP technology is what sells cameras , everyone wants more MP for better and improved IQ. Proof is all the positive press Nikons D800 is receiving with its new 36 MP sensor. Nikon clearly has Canon beat this time around.

Then maybe you should consider changing to Nikon. I'm not saying that Nikon is bad or anything. I'm a Canon user but I'm not in a flaming war with Nikon or anything. But if you're whining that Canon sucks... that they made a big mistake with MK3... that Nikon D800 is way better.... then just sell everything you have Canon-related and move to Nikon.

But honestly, I'm sure you'll find a way to whine about them as well.

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