Fuji X-Pro 1 - Improvement wishlist

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Fuji X-Pro 1 - Improvement wishlist

After using enjoying the X-Pro 1 for one week intensively, I have come across a few things that I personally would like to be different on the camera. I know that these things are very subjective so these points might not be important for everyone.

Fuji has been pretty good about adding features in FW with the X-Line cameras I owne. So maybe someone from Fuji is also reading this?

Feel free to add your points to the list and let's try to keep it realistic

Improvement wish list:


  • Auto ISO up to 6400

  • I would like to have control over the minimum shutter speed at auto ISO just like the X100 offers. A general setting of i.e. 1/125 would be good. If Fuji really want's to hit it out of the park they could even extend it to a "per lens" setting in the custom menus. After all, this camera carries the name "Pro" so the users should be able to handle this kind of settings.

  • The AF-C is pretty useless as a center point only. A few more tracking points in the frame would certainly improve usability of this feature.

  • For MF maybe there can be a "fast" and a "fine" setting - where the current default would be the "fine" setting. I would like to move the focus faster in street scenes.

  • The film simulation bracketing mode is great, but I would like to have an option to only pick two modes instead of three. This would speed up processing between shots and save storage if I am only split between 2 film modes that could fit for me in certain situations.

  • I would like to see the double exposure feature as one of the settings in the "Drive" menu.

  • A two step zoom for MF would be nice (first click= 5X, second click=10X, third click back to 1X)

  • I would love to see the AF improve as much over time as it has improved in the X100 from firmware 1.00 to 1.20. The X-Pro 1 AF is better than the current FW Version of the X100, but there must be room for improvement

  • How about a more transparent exposure compensation scale in the EVF/Display? It seems to be in my way more than I like. And while we're at it, the distance scale in MF is also blocking the lower part of the frame. This could be an universal menu setting for "transparent" and "regular" overlay.

Hardware for the future X-Pro 2, XF lenses and flash:

  • F/ring is too soft. I would like each setting to click a bit more.

  • Faster refresh rate on the EVF.

  • Viewfinder is not suitable for people wearing glasses. Biggest disappointment for me as I can not see the whole EVF frame with glasses on.

  • The rubber lens cap for the lens hood is nice, but it hardly holds on to the lens hood. It falls off so easily that I'm still surprised that it has not gone for good after my first week with the X-Pro 1. But then again, I always keep it in my pocket not to loose it

  • A Fuji system flash that supports High Speed Sync would be very, very appreciated!


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