Excited about 50 Summicron-M, questions about Leica R glasses

Started Mar 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
mbaginy Senior Member • Posts: 2,257
I used some Leica R lenses...

...on my Canon 5D and was quite satisfied with the results. I mounted the 50/2 and 180/2.8 via Novoflex adapter.

Exposure metering was as 40 years ago - using stop down method. Shooting hand-held that meant, I immediately opened the aperture following a shot. I'd focus first. then stop down to the desired aperture (using aperture priority metering) and hope. Why hope? Manual focusing with the 5D was a pain and I was never truly satisfied with the method. The Novoflex adapter offered "focus confirmation" with the shutter release partially depressed (mostly, at least).

I was much more satisfied when shooting landscapes or architecture with the camera tripod-mounted. I could spend much more time getting focus correct, stopping down, checking DOF, then re-adjusting.

I couldn't notice an IQ difference between using the 50 Summicron or the Canon 50/1.4 and the 180/2.8 was noticeably sharper wide open than my Canon 70-200/4 - the later not being a really fair comparison.

I didn't use the Leica R lenses very long and sold them on ebay. Shooting stopped down and the problematic manual focusing were more of a pain than any advantage. By the way, I also used some Zeiss lenses (ZE mount) but sold them because of those manual focusing issues. The 5D is absolutely terrible for manual focusing and Canon's alternative focus screen is no help. 3rd party screens seem to produce some erratic exposure at times. I'll stick with dedicated Canon lenses.

I really wish for a Leica digital R camera, but it will never happen. Leica are satisfied with the M and S series and I doubt we'll ever see (from any manufacturer), the style D-SLR of which I dream. But I'm going off topic.

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