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Re: IR filtered Shots

Marco Nero wrote:

I took another one today. Only one. Will post it when I get home.

It focuses VERY fast through the lens with the IR filter over the lens. I noticed that when a cloud blocked the sun the other day, it had some delay in being able to lock focus.

Hi Marco, I apologise for my ignorance as I am new to IR photography, but how on earth do you manage to get the camera to focus that fast? On P mode on the g1x, nothing at all turns up on my lcd screen with the IR fliter (opteka r72 720nm) on, and as a result, the camera cannot focus. When I snap a shot, a pure black image turns up.

I notice that you've shot in P mode at these settings:

Tv - 0.4 sec
Av - f/3.5
ISO - 800
Lens - 19.6 mm
WB - Custom

How did you acheive that? The only way I manage to get a visible shot, is to set the exposure to 30 secs at iso 1600 and above. And this is in sunlight that will scorch your face off! Am i missing out of something here?


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