D800 and Eye-Fi

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Re: D800 and Eye-Fi

Mine formatted fine.

Shasta_Doug wrote:

I got my D800 yesterday and was happy to try my Eye-Fi card with my iPad. It works! I have the smallest sized jpegs from the camera going to the Eye-Fi card to speed up the transfer time.

I have not tested the adhoc wifi distance yet with the Eye-Fi and the iPad.

I ran into my first problem with the Eye-Fi. My normal workflow has me formatting my CF cards in-camera after I'm done with any photo transfers.

Today I formated the SD card(Eye-Fi) from the D800 and after that I got an Error message flashing prompt from the D800 for the SD slot. I tried formatting it again but still received the error. I plugged in the SD card into my computer and the card is recognized but the Eye-Fi utility doesn't see the card anymore from its perspective. On the Eye-Fi support page it says it's ok to format the card from in-camera, but it looks like for the D800 it doesn't work.

Anyone else see this problem? Let's start an Eye-Fi thread for the D800 here to report our experiences.

My solution for the above problem was to format the card from my computer. I placed it back into the camera and it works now.

On distance of transfers, it seems that if I walk more than 5 feet from the iPad, the iPad loses the Eye-Fi SSID and then the iPad switches to another available SSID and does not automatically switch back to the Eye-fi when in range again.

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